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The need to implement a Marine Mentality Program can be understood from the history of Brazil’s relationship with the ocean.

Historically, Brazil was born with a marine vocation, not just for being discovered and colonized by a marine nation, but also for having suffered its first invasions by sea. National development is and will continue to be dependent on sea routs for a large part of its activities.

However, due to conjunctural factors there has been a general migration inland, with “backs turned” to the sea in different aspects, including transportation and food. Thus, there has been, in the heart of the Brazilian people, a degradation in marine mentality, so that, currently, Brazilians think of the ocean only in a playful manner.

From there stems the need to Act intending to rescue the mentality in the people, at a level commensurate with the necessary dimension of an eminently marine Nation such as Brazil.

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Stimulate, by means of planned, objective and continued action, the development of a marine mentality in the Brazilian population, aligned with national interests and geared toward greater understanding of the ocean and its resources, of its importance for Brazil, the responsibility for rational and sustainable exploration and the needed mindset to preserve it.

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1. Propose the inclusion of issues related to the sea in the curriculum of elementary and high school;

2. Increasing the performance of traveling exhibitions and lectures on maritime affairs;

3. Larger the distribution of publicity material in CIRM's activities;

4. Strengthen bonds between the community and the sea, through the promotion of museums oceanographic; and

5. Larger to 2.4 million the estimated number of people reached annually for actions related to the development of maritime mindset.

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The identification and measurement of aspects related to PROMAR, done periodically, obey the following:


Estimated number of people reached annually for actions related to the development of maritime mindset.

Source: MB

UN 2010 800.000

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1. Members of the powers that be;

2. Students in 1st and 2nd degrees and university id, belonging to the Educational System of the country

3. Teachers and school;

4. Scientific Community;

5. Professionals in the areas of tourism, communication, and engaged in marine life; and

6. Population in general.

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The exhibition aims to promote the activities of programs related to the Inter-ministerial Commission for the Resources of the Sea (CIRM) Blue Amazon and Antarctica.

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The term "Blue Amazon" was created by the Navy Commander and Coordinator of the CIRM to call attention to a marine area, larger than the green, that is unimaginably rich. This area covers the marine territorial sea, the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of Brazil, resulting from the commitment of the country ratified in 1988, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and incorporate its concepts to Brazilian legislation.

Brazil, in 2004, presented at the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf of the United Nations its proposed outer limits of the Continental Shelf.

With the assent of the Commission on the Limits, we draw our last frontiers in the east, adding to our country a sea area of about 4.5 million square kilometers, representing over 50% of its land mass.

This fact, presents itself as a unique opportunity to generate action seeking to rescue the marine mentality in the population levels necessary and consistent with the size of a nation dependent on the sea like Brazil.

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Another very important program for the country developed under the CIRM is the Brazilian Antarctica Program (PROANTAR).

The Antarctica continent is harsh, distant and totally unknown to the Brazilian and therefore inspires great curiosity. What most Brazilians do not know is that our country supports, for 30 years, scientific research in the region through PROANTAR, which allowed it to be admitted as a consultative member of the Antarctica Treaty, the right to speak and vote on the future of that continent.

Antarctica, the sixth continent of the planet and the only one without geopolitical division, is a long way away from globalization even with the existing means of communication. Its fauna and "modus vivendi", its wealth and strategic importance, and the decisive Brazilian participation in the process of scientific exploration, represents knowledge that deserves to be released into Brazilian society.

Thus, the CIRM decided to add PROMAR to an exhibition that depicts these two issues as important to the country, Blue Amazon and Antarcticaa. This exhibition consists of models, special clothing, equipment, banners, snowmobiling and penguins made of fibers. It also has a multimidia equipments for showing films and reports in the Brazilian Antarctica Continent, in the Archipelago of São Pedro and São Paulo and the Island of Trindade and the Martin Vaz Archipelago.

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