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O CIAGA - Centro de Instrução Almirante Graça Aranha EFOMM - Escola de Formação de Oficiais da Marinha Mercante PREPOM - Programa do Ensino Profissional Marítimo Fale Conosco
DESCRIPTION - in an oval coat of arms, topped with the naval crown wrapped by an ellipse made of a gold cable ended in a right knot composes the first level; in a blue field, and old three mast ship, dressed and armed with gold in a silver and blue waved counter chief; waved red chief with three gold up pointing arrows, two of which aspa trespassed and one in pale, crossed with an arm gold sphere, we have the second level.

EXPLANATION - The present coat of arms, belonged formerly to the Merchant Marine School of Rio de Janeiro and was adopted by Instruction Center Admiral Graça Aranha, so that the traditional educational center from where it was originated remains alive for ever.




EFOMM - Merchant Marine Academy
PREPOM - Program for the Professional Maritime Education
Brazilian Navy