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New Dynamic Positioning Simulator

As the result of a partnership between CIAGA and Rio Tinto Brasil, a new Dynamic Positioning simulator, entirely designed and built in Brasil by Symmetry Ltda, has been installed in CIAGA.

The equipment will initially be used for training by Rio Tinto personnel and will next be available to be used by students and any interested company.

Dynamic positioning (DP) is a system which enables the ship to automatically maintain its position or track by using her own propellers and thrusters, based on external data from specific sensors.

Manual control is only activated when requested by the operator or in emergency situations. The system works receiving data from a great number of subsystems, which are combined to work together.

In the event of malfunction or failure in any of them, the whole system is compromised, and loss of ship’s position may occur, leading to consequences as hard as a collision between ships or the breaking of ducts or lines being laid, causing material losses, environmental problems or even human casualties.


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